‘Tis the Season for ROYCE’ Holiday Selections

Thinking of the perfect gift for your loved ones—or maybe just something special for yourself? Try the gift of ROYCE’ Chocolate’s Japanese-style confections! Made with top-tier ingredients and the finesse of experienced chocolatiers, our melt-in-your-mouth chocolate is unlike any sweets you’ve had before! Give a luxurious chocolate experience with one of our 2018 holiday selections:


Nama Chocolate “Au Lait” ($18)

An enduring customer favorite, this confection has become a holiday favorite, many thanks to  its luxe, winter-themed packaging. There’s no better way to celebrate the season than indulging in lavish and creamy Nama Chocolate.


ROYCE’ Happy Selection “Christmas” ($40)

The best way to say “happy holidays” is with the ROYCE’ Happy Selection “Christmas”! Bring a smile to someone’s face with a delightfully decorated tin box that is filled to the brim with a variety of ROYCE’ Chocolate confections.


Baton Cookies Coconut “Christmas” ($19)

Baked to golden perfection and partially coated in milk chocolate, the Baton Cookies Coconut “Christmas” is one cookie box you won’t want to leave out for Santa—you’ll want every last bite for yourself!


ROYCE’ Advent Calendar ($59)

The countdown to Christmas just got even sweeter with the ROYCE’ Advent Calendar. Every day a new surprise will be waiting for you in the form of sweet treats and one-of-a-kind charms!  


ROYCE’ Christmas Decoration Ball ($17)

This limited edition, decorative tin ornament comes with a sweet surprise inside: chocolates! Make decorating the tree even more memorable this year with this selection.


ROYCE’ Christmas Cookies (6 Pieces, $18)

These chocolate-coated Christmas cookies feature adorable holiday-themed designs, making them just as delicious to look at as they are to eat! Best of all, you can save time baking and spend more time getting the most of your holidays.


ROYCE’ Christmas Selection (31 Pieces, $69)

When just one type of ROYCE’ holiday confection isn’t enough, give your loved ones the ROYCE’ Christmas Selection(31 Pieces)! This beautifully packaged gift set contains ROYCE’ Christmas Cookies, Petit Kurumaro Chocolat, Amande Chocolat “Milk,” Pure Chocolate varieties, Fruit Bar Chocolate, ROYCE’ R Chocolat limited edition varieties, Chocolate Wafers, and Bar Chocolate “Nut."


ROYCE’ Christmas Selection (53 Pieces, $89)

The biggest chocolate-lovers in your life deserve the biggest holiday gift set! In this box, you’ll receive all of the confections listed above, but in an even greater number, plus a few more selections added. If you just can’t bear to give this selection away, it’s the perfect size for sharing!


ROYCE’ Pure Chocolate “Christmas” ($19)

Sometimes the holidays are all about the simple pleasures, which is exactly what you’ll receive in this sweet gift box. This selection features our ROYCE’ Pure Chocolate “Mild Milk” and “Creamy White”.


ROYCE’ Party Treats ($49)

The holidays are popping off with ROYCE’ Party Treats! Inspired by the UK’s holiday crackers, ROYCE’ Party Treats come in a rainbow-array of six and contain a variety of chocolates and a quiz or a game in each! ROYCE’ Party Treats are best enjoyed with friends.


Nama Chocolate “Strawberry Champagne” ($18)

Make a toast to the holiday season with the Nama Chocolate “Strawberry Champagne”! Our melt-in-your-mouth Nama Chocolate gets a fruity and bubbly twist with the flavors of strawberry and champagne infused throughout each bite.


ROYCE’ Chocolate’s luxurious confections will make this holiday season your sweetest yet! Kickstart your holiday shopping by visiting a ROYCE’ Chocolate boutique near you or ordering online today.

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