Experience How Japan Does Chocolate...and Tea!

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This month ROYCE’ USA is partnering with the lovely Palais des Thés to provide an exclusive Japanese tea and chocolate pairing event. Founded in Paris, Palais des Thés specializes in proving all-natural premium teas. Like ROYCE’, their commitment to only sourcing the finest ingredients is evident in the fine teas they sell.

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Join us at our Bleecker Street location Saturday June 6th from 1pm-5pm for this special tasting. Or, find us at the Palais des Thés in Soho Friday June 12th and Saturday June 13th from 1pm-5pm to try these delicious pairings for yourself.

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The first pairing for your palate is the Sencha Superior Green Tea with the ROYCE’ Maccha Almond Chocolates. After tasting a sip of the Sencha and a bite of the Maccha almonds, the fresh grass and vegetal notes of the tea evolve towards more lush and mineral notes for a fresh finish. In return, the sweet, buttery notes of the Maccha Almond Chocolates are enhanced by the tea. Both textures melt to slightly coat the back of the palate. A perfect afternoon treat!

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The second pairing of fine Japanese tea and chocolate we are offering is the Bancha Hojicha tea and ROYCE’ signature Nama Chocolates. The toasted and woody notes of the Bancha are enhanced by the Nama Chocolates, especially the darker Nama Chocolates. In turn, the powdered cacao comes out with the tea and nicely lingers in the mouth. The smooth and melting texture of the chocolate brings a very nice roundness to the tea, which fills the back of the palate for a clean finish. A delightful combination of sweet and tea! Stop by the ROYCE’ Bleecker Street store this weekend to try our pairings of Japanese tea and chocolates! Share your favorite on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and be sure to hashtag #ROYCEchocolate.

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