Shake Off Cravings with Japanese Chocolates!

Shake Off Cravings with Japanese Chocolates!

That dream of seamlessly slipping into your favorite swimsuit this summer isn't as far as you think—even with chocolate. It may sound counter-intuitive, but as more awareness of chocolate's health benefits rises, so do the choices of chocolates that can complement your healthy diet and exercise routine. You can feel better about indulging now and then, especially since a number of ROYCE’ Japanese chocolate candy can actually give you some healthy benefits while still satisfying your cravings! Take a look at these examples:

1. Pure Chocolate “Venezuela Bitter & Ghana Sweet" ($17)

With benefits like rich cocoa flavonols that contribute to maintaining a healthy heart and cholesterol level, and less sugar than milk chocolate, what's not to love? There is more than 60% of pure cacao in each bite, and our pure chocolate is already sized perfectly for portion control, so you can enjoy a treat that tastes like cheating, but is actually good for you!

2. Petite Truffe "Kirsch" ($14)

Accented with a hint of Kirsch cherry brandy, this rich ganache truffe is the ultimate decadent dessert for grown-ups, and the best part is that their calorie count is low enough that even the strictest of diets can accommodate a few!

3. Maccha Almond Chocolate ($18)

Almonds tend to be a healthy snack choice thanks to their high levels of protein, fiber, and healthy fats, among other great nutrients. The only thing that could make these nuts better is, you guessed it, chocolate! But not just any chocolate. Specifically, we mean a combination of rich white chocolate and Japanese matcha green tea. Matcha (or “maccha”) is an excellent source of antioxidants, even more so than regular brewed green tea, and has a kick of caffeine that your body will process differently than caffeine from coffee. You’ll gain energy you need to make it through the day but avoid the crash that usually follows a cup of coffee.

4. Nama Chocolate "Mild Cacao" ($18)

Experience the benefits of cacao in this delicious Japanese twist of gourmet chocolate. High quality cacao is known to increase mood, have 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries, have more calcium content than cow's milk, and the list goes on!

Feeling those cravings yet? Try ROYCE' fine chocolates today! Find a store near you or order online.

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