Near Drinks, Far Sweets: Whisky Meets Japanese-Style Chocolates

The delicate sweetness of fine Japanese chocolate candy meets the bite of good whisky in a match made in heaven. Aficionados know that the best way to indulge is to allow the flavor of the whisky to develop first by taking a mouthful and swallowing. Then, gently place the Japanese chocolates in your mouth and allow them to melt, melding together the essence of each. A final sip of whisky completes the circle. See a few pairings as recommended by our chocolatiers; you may find a new favorite!

Whisky and Chocolate Pairings

Putting together the ideal mix of flavors requires thought and attention. A stronger flavored whisky may complement a sweeter chocolate, while the delicate flavors of white chocolate and Gianduja may be overwhelmed by a robust whisky. Here are some options that are sure to strike the right balance:

Nama Chocolate: "Mild Cacao" ($18) paired with Dalwhinnie Winter's Gold.

Intended to be served chilled, Dalwhinnie Winter’s Gold has sweet notes of honey, nutmeg, and malt that pair perfectly with the slightly bitter dark chocolate flavor of our Nama Chocolate “Mild Cacao.”  

Potatochip Chocolate “Mild Bitter” ($17) paired with Glenmorangie 10 Year Old Original.

For those who are looking for an elevated bar snack, our chocolate-covered potato chips are the perfect choice. Our Potatochip Chocolate “Mild Bitter” in particular has the rich, bittersweet flavor that will heighten the underlying sweetness of this medium-bodied, fruity Scotch whisky.

Nama Chocolate: "Port Charlotte" ($18) paired with Port Charlotte Scottish Barley.

Port Charlotte Scottish Barley whiskey is the namesake of this nama chocolate, so of course these two are a popular combination. This double-hit of Scottish barley provides a rich mouthfeel that you’ll want to savor.

These three pairings only scratch the surface of the possible combinations of our chocolates and fine whisky. Visit your local ROYCE' chocolate store today or order online to find the perfect match for your favorite drink.

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