Your Guide to Japanese-Style Chocolates

Unless you're a connoisseur of chocolate and Japanese culture, you might not be familiar with some of the most unique, carefully-crafted chocolates in today's world of cocoa products. Japanese chocolates aren't quite mainstream in the US yet, but they're huge favorites throughout Asia. The delicate, balanced textures and rich flavor notes are unlike anything you'll find on mainstream supermarket shelves today. Take some time to get to know some Japanese chocolates. Your taste buds will thank you.


1. Nama Chocolate ($18)

Nama Chocolate

Nama chocolate is a truly unique experience. A rich, silky-smooth chocolate similar to a ganache or the fillings of truffles, it’s firm enough to pick up with your fingers, yet creamy enough to melt in your mouth. Nama is crafted from cream, chocolate, and sometimes liqueurs; it's then dusted with fine cocoa and cut into rectangles to serve. ROYCE' offers a wide variety of Nama chocolate flavors. Many are flavored with liqueurs, though liqueur-free versions are available. Choose from white chocolate, green tea chocolate, Sakura strawberry, chestnut, caramel, champagne, white, or darjeeling Nama, among others. With so many flavor options, you’re sure to find a favorite!


2. Pure Chocolate ($17)

Japanese Chocolate Candy

Sometimes simplicity is everything. ROYCE' pure chocolate is the essence of pure chocolate flavors in a simple piece. It's the type of chocolate that invites you relax, close your eyes, and savor as it melts on your tongue. Choose from several varieties, including Colombia Milk Chocolate, Venezuela Bitter, Pure Chocolate Milk, or Extra Bitter dark chocolate. Pure chocolate is the best way to experience the trademark ROYCE' recipe, due to its striking ridged design; besides adding a classy touch to the chocolate’s appearance, the ridges are designed to ensure the chocolate melts evenly in your mouth so you enjoy the perfect bite always!


3.  Prafeuille Chocolat ($18)

Matcha chocolate maccha chocolate green tea chocolate

Prafeuille chocolates are thin squares of chocolate made with sophisticated manufacturing that allows a delightful layer of filling even though they’re only 3mm thick! Take a bite, and you'll get the best of the chocolate and candy worlds: pure chocolate to savor, and some of your favorite smooth flavors between the layers: matcha, caramel, or berry.


4. Petite Truffe ($14)

Petite Truffe truffles

Similar to European truffles, Japanese petite truffes are small round morsels of fine chocolate packed with uniquely Japanese flavor notes, like green tea, kirsch, orange, or praline. A single petit truffe offers a mouthwatering culinary experience. We recommend sampling a variety to get a taste for your favorites.

Some of the best chocolates in the USA are imported from Japan, and it makes sense to order them from a premier source like ROYCE'. ROYCE' is a member of the World Cocoa Foundation, and we're passionate about sourcing the best high-quality, ethically-produced ingredients for our chocolates. Still not sure which type to try? Our chocolate covered potato chips, salted chocolate popcorn, and delicately coated wafers are all customer favorites. Right now, enjoy free shipping on all online orders over $99. Whether you're treating yourself or someone you love, you can't go wrong with ROYCE'.

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