How Our Taste in Chocolate is Changing

Chocolate has always been a feel-good treat. Morgan Stanley reports that approximately 70% of chocolate purchases are impulse buys inspired by momentary, personal indulgence. This number is predicted to decline in the near future, and the reason is simple: we want quality chocolate.

Now more than ever, our society is focusing on wellness and self-care in both the physical and mental sense. We’re interested in products that are made from healthier, higher quality ingredients for our physical health, and we want products that create a lasting experience, rather than being a quick splurge, for the sake of our mental health. When it comes to chocolate, demand for luxury, artisan chocolates are growing in demand, while inexpensive, off-the-shelf chocolates are lessening in demand.

Although still a small percentage of overall chocolate sales, luxury chocolate is a driving force behind brand sales growth. You might have noticed that large, traditionally inexpensive brands have been launching specialty lines of chocolates to capture the interest of new or former buyers, and it’s no coincidence! Our new chocolate preferences are the reason.

If you have ever tried ROYCE’ Chocolate, it won’t surprise you that Japan is also influencing the increased preference for luxury chocolates. Not only is Japan producing excellent chocolate and now reaching Western palates, Japan is also a relatively new market for chocolate— and that market is growing rapidly. Chocolate is popular among Japanese primarily as a gift rather than as a personal treat. The gift-giving culture around chocolate encourages them to see the confection as more of a luxury than food, making them willing to spend more money for better quality. The United States is beginning to follow suit.

Are you a long-time lover of luxury chocolate or are you just now beginning to explore the possibilities? You can discover the new face of chocolate for yourself by finding a ROYCE’ boutique near you or purchasing online.

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