The Secret to the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Japan has a secret that Americans have yet to fully embrace. It might transform the way you celebrate the holidays. Ready for it? Here it is: 

Dads love chocolate, too.

Relegating chocolate to gifts for women at anniversaries and Mother's Day is so last century. Fine Japanese chocolate candy might not be the traditional Father's Day gift, but we think it should be at the top of your list this year. And once your dad takes a bite, he's likely to agree. These are a few of our Father's Day favorites.


ROYCE' Variety Pack "Flavorful" ($25)

The traditional box of chocolates gets a makeover with the ROYCE' Flavorful package. Featuring matcha chocolate bars, hazel cream wafers, matcha chocolate wafers, Gianduja chocolate, Venezuelan dark chocolate, and more, this pack is the perfect sampler full of our most mouth-watering chocolates—perfect for those who love Japanese chocolate already and anyone who wants to try them for the first time!


Potatochip Chocolate "Original" ($17)

This whimsical take on traditional chocolates combines two of our fathers' favorite flavors: creamy chocolate and salty, crisp potato chips. It's a surprisingly amazing treat. We promise.


Nama Chocolate “Port Charlotte” ($18)

This confection is widely considered among the best chocolates in the USA by those who have tried it. This creamy, decadent milk chocolate is suffused with Port Charlotte Scottish Barley Whiskey—perfect for the dad who appreciates the finer things in life.


ROYCE' Collection “Blue” ($75)

The ROYCE' Blue Box is one of our top-selling gift boxes, because it truly has a little of everything—from green tea chocolate to fruit chocolate combinations, pure white, milk, and dark chocolate wafers, and even baton cookies in coconut and hazel cacao. For the father who truly appreciates his chocolate and deserves to be spoiled this holiday, you can't go wrong with a Blue Collection gift.
The perfect gift for Dad awaits you here at ROYCE’! Right now, enjoy free shipping on all online orders over $99. Don’t wait! Father’s Day is just around the corner.

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