5 Things We’re Thankful for at ROYCE’ Chocolate

In the spirit of the season, we at ROYCE’ Chocolate wanted to share five things we’re thankful for. After all, we wouldn’t be here creating chocolate that we love without a little bit of good fortune and a lot of help and kindness from others!

1. The discovery of chocolate

Naturally, the first thing we’re thankful for is chocolate itself! But more so than that, we are grateful for the first pioneers of chocolate: the Mayans and Aztecs and even earlier cultures of Mesoamerica. From their first cultivation of cacao grew the world of chocolate that we know and love today!

2. Chocolate’s plentiful diversity

Chocolate has come a long way since the days of the Mayans and Aztecs, and we make new innovations every day! From the ways it’s prepared to the flavors and ingredients, chocolate has endless variety, so there’s something for everyone to love. At ROYCE’ Chocolate, we’re thankful for the opportunity to flex our creative muscles and find new ways to make chocolate even more luxurious and delectable.

3. Being a part of the World Cocoa Foundation

The WCF’s mission is to promote better cocoa farming practices for improved worker conditions and long-lasting cocoa sustainability. WCF members are a part of every level of the cocoa supply chain, and we’re proud to be one of them. Take a moment to learn more about the World Cocoa Foundation’s vision.

4. The incredible ROYCE’ Chocolate team

So much hard work goes into making top-tier luxury chocolates, and we’re grateful for each individual who makes ROYCE’ Chocolate a reality, from our brilliant chocolatiers to our gracious boutique associates.

5. Passionate chocolate lovers like you!

Last but definitely not least, we’re thankful for you! We owe our continued growth and success to your support. So long as you keep loving chocolate, we’ll keep trying to make the highest quality and most delicious chocolate possible!

Keep spreading the love this season! If there’s someone in your life you’re thankful for, why not express that with some of our exquisite confections made in Japan? Place an order online or find a ROYCE’ Chocolate boutique near you.

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