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ROYCE’ Variety Pack “Flavorful”

Sale price$26.99

Immerse yourself in a unique chocolate experience with our special assortment box, showcasing a delightful mix of Matcha-infused confections along with a curated selection of both dark and milk chocolates. This carefully crafted collection combines the vibrant essence of Matcha with the rich indulgence of dark and creamy milk chocolates.

Discover the perfect blend of flavors within 27 meticulously crafted pieces of chocolates, each offering a harmonious balance of sweetness and sophistication. Ideal for gifting or self-indulgence, this assortment box brings together the best of Matcha and chocolate in a single, tastefully designed package.


  • Matcha Bar Chocolate (3 pieces)
  • Prafeuille Chocolat " Matcha " (5 pieces)
  • Chocolate Wafers " Hazel Cream " (2 pieces)
  • Chocolate Wafers " Matcha " (2 pieces)
  • ROYCE' R Chocolat " Gianduja " (1 piece)
  • ROYCE' R Chocolat " Milk Cocoa " (1 piece)
  • Pure Chocolate " Venezuela Bitter " (4 pieces)
  • Pure Chocolate " Ghana Sweet " (4 pieces) 
  • Milk Chocolate Collection " Fruity Milk " (5 pieces)

Allergens: Wheat, Milk, Soy, Tree Nuts (Almond, Macadamia Nuts, Pecan Nut, Cashew Nut, Hazelnut, Coconut, Sheanut)

Storage Temperature: 77°F Or Below

Nutrition Facts (Download Here)

ROYCE' Chocolate - ROYCE' Variety Pack "Flavorful" - Image shows two green boxes with a blue background. Box on upper left shows a green box with leaf prints. Text on top says ROYCE' Variety Pack ROYCE' Net Wt 7.0 Oz (200g). Text below says Open. Box on lower right shows an open box with various chocolates in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Visible texts from left are Matcha ROYCE' Bar Chocolate, Chocolate Wafers, ROYCE', Milk, Prafeuille Chocolat Matcha.
ROYCE’ Variety Pack “Flavorful” Sale price$26.99