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COMING SOON: ROYCE' Kyoto Nama Chocolate "Uji Matcha & Fromage"

Sale price$19.99

COMING SOON: This will be exclusively available in-store at select ROYCE' Boutiques only.

We are taking the term "well-balanced" a notch higher with this selection, where Kyoto and Hokkaido meet in the best gourmet way possible.

This two-layered white chocolate confection features one that is blended with Matcha from Kyoto (top layer) and the other (bottom layer) consisting of white chocolate blended with three kinds of cheese from Hokkaido (Mascarpone, Gouda, and Cream cheeses). It seamlessly melds together the bitterness of matcha together with the rich flavors of different cheeses in each chocolate cube.

The uneven ratio of two layers (Matcha : Fromage = 4 : 6) is intentional to fully bring out the flavors of each layer. The Fromage layer is slightly increased to emphasize its contrast from the Matcha layer, which has a stronger green tea flavor compared to our classic Nama Chocolate "Matcha". Slight touches of cherry and matcha liqueurs also improve this selection's aroma and overall taste.

Contains liquor. 20 pieces inside.

Allergens: Milk, Soy, May Contain Tree Nuts

Storage Temperature: 50°F Or Below

This Nama Chocolate flavor does not have the exterior plastic packaging.

Nutrition Facts (Download Here)

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ROYCE' Kyoto Nama Chocolate "Uji Matcha & Fromage" - Image shows two-layered chocolates blocks in green and white, as served on a plate with dashes of cream cheese and matcha powder.
COMING SOON: ROYCE' Kyoto Nama Chocolate "Uji Matcha & Fromage" Sale price$19.99