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ROYCE' Aroma Chocolate Collection

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This collection has different kinds of Aroma Chocolates made with carefully selected cacao beans sourced from around the world. Each box has 8 different types of Aroma Chocolates. 32 pieces overall:

"Ghana/Ecuador": This has a powerful cocoa aroma that harmoniously goes well with a good acidic bitterness. 80% Cacao. (4 pieces)

"Maracaibo": This variant is made using cacao beans sourced around Venezuela's Lake Maracaibo. 66% Cacao. (4 pieces)

"Trinidad": This selection is made using cacao from Trinidad, resulting in an Aroma Chocolate that has a fresh aroma and sensitive flavor. 59% Cacao. (4 pieces)

"Ecuador": Using Arriba cacao beans from Ecuador, this Aroma Chocolate has a distinct floral aroma. 48% Cacao. (4 pieces)

"Carenero": This Aroma Chocolate is made using superior Carenero cacao beans from Venezuela. 42% Cacao. (4 pieces)

"Ivory Coast": An Aroma Chocolate milk chocolate variant that has a rich flavor courtesy of the perfect combination of cacao and milk. 34% Cacao. (4 pieces)

"Madagascar": This mild tasting milk chocolate is made using very rare cacao beans from Madagascar. 34% Cacao. (4 pieces)

"White": A flavorful white chocolate made by being kneaded slowly in low temperature that brings the relish of milk in the best way possible. 33% Cacao. (4 pieces)

Allergens: Milk, Soy, May Contain Tree Nuts

Storage Temperature: 77°F Or Below

Nutrition Facts (Download Here)

ROYCE' Chocolate - Image shows a brown printed chocolate box labeled ROYCE' Aroma Chocolate Collection with accents of chocolate squares and loose cacao beans.
ROYCE' Aroma Chocolate Collection Sale price$19.99