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ROYCE’ Bar Collection

Sale price$105.99

Embark on a chocolate lover's journey with this exclusive online selection, featuring a thoughtfully curated lineup of exquisite chocolate bars hailing from the scenic landscapes of Hokkaido, Japan. Elevate your chocolate experience with this carefully crafted collection, which includes:

  1. Chocolate Bar “White” (1 Box)
  2. Chocolate Bar “Black” (1 Box)
  3. Chocolate Bar “Almond” (1 Box)
  4. Chocolate Bar “Almond Bitter” (1 Box)
  5. Chocolate Bar “Milk” (1 Box)
  6. Chocolate Bar “Creamy Milk” (1 Box)
  7. Bar Chocolate “Nut” (1 Box)
  8. Fruit Bar Chocolate (1 Box)
  9. Matcha Bar Chocolate (1 Box)

Savor the richness of Hokkaido's chocolate craftsmanship with each decadent bar. Immerse yourself in a world of diverse flavors, from the velvety smoothness of Chocolate Bar "Creamy Milk" to the bold intensity of Chocolate Bar "Almond Bitter". Elevate your chocolate indulgence by ordering this exclusive online collection and treat yourself to the unparalleled taste of Japanese chocolate perfection.

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    Exclusively available for online orders only. Each individual item is wrapped in its original packaging.

    Allergens: Wheat, Egg, Milk, Soy, Tree Nuts (Almond, Hazelnut, Macadamia Nut, Cashew Nut, Pecan Nut)

    Storage Temperature: 77°F Or Below for all chocolates.

    Nutrition Facts (Download Here)

    ROYCE' Chocolate - ROYCE' Bar Collection - Clockwise from top: black chocolate bars with gray background; brown chocolate bars with red background; brown chocolate bars with almonds & light brown background; green chocolate bars on white plate with green leaves & tea mixer & cup; brown chocolate bars with light blue background; white chocolate bars with yellow background; brown chocolate bars with almonds & green background; & brown & pink chocolate bars with white plate & clear glass with pink background.
    ROYCE’ Bar Collection Sale price$105.99