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Article: Interesting Chocolate Jargons to Know About

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Interesting Chocolate Jargons to Know About

Those looking to expand their gourmet glossary can look into the art and science of chocolate shopping. In this blog article, we outline and put context into some chocolate-related terms that you may have seen:

Chocolate Liquor:

Make no mistake: this does not contain any alcohol at all. Chocolate Liquor, also known as Cocoa Liquor, represents the essence of cocoa, derived from the grinding of cocoa bean nibs. It comes in a liquid or semi-solid form often used for making different kinds of confections from scratch. It's important to note that the term "liquor" here refers to its fluid or liquid state, rather than implying any alcoholic content, representing an older usage of the word.

Cocoa Solids:

Cocoa Solids are the essential nonfat components derived from the cocoa bean. This crucial element is obtained by subjecting chocolate liquor to a pressing process, effectively separating the cocoa solids from the fatty portion of the bean.

Cocoa Butter:

Cocoa Butter is the natural fatty component extracted from cocoa beans during the manufacturing process, wherein chocolate liquor undergoes pressing to separate cocoa butter from cocoa solids.

Cacao Percentage:

A lot have encountered this term on chocolate labels and packaging but exactly what defines Cacao Percentage? Essentially, Cacao Percentage indicates the proportion of chocolate derived from components of the cocoa bean, such as Cocoa Solids, Cocoa Butter, and/or Chocolate Liquor, compared to other ingredients like milk, sugar, vanilla, and emulsifiers.

This figure serves as a guide to determine where chocolate falls on the spectrum from bitter to sweet. The higher the number/percentage, the more bitter and intense the flavor profile becomes. For instance, ROYCE' Chocolate's Pure Chocolate "Mild Bitter & Extra Bitter" comes at 90% and 80% and is considered to have a bold, robust bittersweet taste. Meanwhile, ROYCE' Chocolate's Chocolate Bar "Creamy Milk" comes at 44%, putting it among the category of sweeter confections.


You can discover How Japan Does Chocolate by visiting a ROYCE' Chocolate boutique. Our confections can also be shipped across the continental mainland US through our official e-commerce site, roycechocolate.com.

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