A Unique Combination: Potato Chips and Chocolate

Sometimes, strange combinations can be a real delight.

That is definitely the case with potato chips and chocolate—and this salty and sweet combo works for a number of reasons!

The Right Combo

What’s going on with this uncanny combination, anyway? At ROYCE’, for our Potatochip Chocolate selections, we have regular ridged potato chips that are dipped and covered with chocolate. Simply enough, the crisp and salty flavor of the chip works brilliantly with the richly sweet flavor of chocolate.

Plain or regular potato chips are the best to use because of their simple yet savory taste. That way, it won’t clash too much with the flavor of the sweet chocolate.

Potato chips with ridges are also ideal to cover in chocolate because they’re more sturdy and can handle the chocolate mix without collapsing on its own weight. The chocolate also builds up between the ridges, which increases the delicious sweet flavor.

Milk chocolate is typically used because it blends perfectly with the salty crunch of a potato chip, like our classic Potatochip Chocolate “Original”. But at ROYCE’, we also use dark and white chocolates, as seen in other variants such as the Potatochip Chocolate “Mild Bitter”, Potatochip Chocolate “Fromage Blanc”, and Potatochip Chocolate “Caramel”.

Our Potatochip Chocolates have a glossy texture and appearance, thanks to a careful process of tempering and integrating melted chocolate over freshly made potato chips. That’s just one of the ways how Japan does chocolate.

Chocolate-covered potato chips is not the kind of combination that might easily come to your mind when you want some great treats, but once you’ve tried one, you’ll be hooked!

Explore what the combination of potato chips and chocolates through ROYCE’. In the United States, ROYCE’ has boutiques in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, and California. We also deliver within the continental United States through our official website: www.royceconfectusa.com.

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