How Chocolate Is Used in Other Cultures

Chocolate is one of the most popular foods in the world.

In fact, when it comes to sweet treats, there is nothing more popular than chocolate. People love it so much that 3 million tons of cocoa beans are utilized each year for this classic confection.

If people love chocolate so much, it's not surprising that it's used in different ways in different cultures. Here are some of the ways that chocolate is used in different parts of the world.

Easter in Italy

In Italy, instead of the usual Easter eggs, people use beautifully wrapped chocolate eggs. Those are displayed in windows and it's the gift of choice during the Easter season.

Valentine's Day in Japan

In the United States, men traditionally give chocolates on Valentine's Day to women. In Japan, this tradition is reversed as females are the ones who give chocolates to men on this special holiday.

Don't worry. Ladies also get their chocolate gifts too a month later. In Japan, March 14 is known as "White Day". Traditionally, this is a special day that gives men a chance to reciprocate their love with some chocolate gifts.

As a Gift in France

When you are invited to a home in France, it's customary to bring gifts to your host and/or hostess. Fine chocolates are considered to be great choices for those occasions.

New Year in China

Chinese New Year is a big deal. Candies and sweets are traditional gifts for the Chinese during this period and chocolates have become a recent favorite to celebrate the new year.

These are just some of the ways that chocolate is used as a gift in different parts of the world.

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