4 Chocolate Tasting Tips from Experts

Chocolate is not just for children.

You should know that by now. In fact, chocolate can be categorized as a luxury food item, though it is quite affordable.

As a sweet indulgence, you have to make the most out of each bite of chocolate. You must appreciate its flavor. To do that properly, here are some chocolate-tasting tips from the experts:

  • Morning Is Best
  • The best time of the day to taste chocolate is in the morning because your taste buds are still fresh in the morning and have had some rest.

  • Look at the Color
  • Chocolates are mostly brown. That is obvious enough, but if you take a closer look at it, there is so much more to its color. It may have varying hues, or it can have patches of other colors.

    The appearance of chocolate gives many clues to give you insight into how it will taste. Pale streaks could mean that the chocolate contains cocoa butter that is still unmixed. White patches can indicate that the fat has separated from the cocoa, which in turn means that its texture has changed.

    You can have some clues about the sources of the cocoa beans by the color. Chocolate from Ghana for example can be quite dark. It is also worth noting that there are great tasting chocolates that are quite light.

  • Smell It
  • Make a habit out of smelling your chocolate before tasting it. Just like wine, the scent of your chocolate will reveal a great deal about how it will taste. As you become more experienced, you just need to smell a piece of chocolate to tell what it tastes like.

    To smell a chocolate it is suggested to hold a piece between the thumb and the index finger, use the other hand to shield it, and then to pull it close to your nose.

  • Bite and Chew
  • Some people completely chew a bite of chocolate completely, but that means they are missing out on some of its flavors. The proper way is to take a bite and chew once or twice and then let it sit inside your mouth. That way, you can experience more taste.

    There are so many different kinds of chocolate from all over the world, such as ROYCE’ confections made in Hokkaido, Japan . Try different ones you are unfamiliar with. That way, you can become a chocolate-tasting expert in your own right.

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