ROYCE' Ishigakijima Uchina Shimatohgarashi Cookies


This is exclusively available in-store at select ROYCE' Boutiques only.

This selection features cookies that have a tangy hot chili and mild cheese flavor. The cookies have a spicy, tropical taste courtesy of chili blended with Okinawa Shimatohgarashi (peppercorns) added with yuzu peel and hibachi. The spiciness is balanced accordingly with the milky flavor of cheese. Each box has 15 pieces inside. *

* Kindly use caution in consuming this product, as this product contains spices. The spiciness of this product may vary from one person to another. Please exercise caution in consuming this with small children and/or people who are not keen on eating spicy food.

Allergens: Wheat, Milk, Tree Nut (Coconut)

Storage Temperature: 77°F Or Below

Nutrition Facts (Download Here)

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