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ROYCE' Milk Chocolate Selection

Sale price$49.99

Delight your taste buds with this exclusive online collection, showcasing a delectable array of some of our fine milk chocolate selections. Each indulgent treat is carefully crafted to elevate your chocolate experience.

Explore the creamy goodness of the following offerings:

  1. Pure Chocolate “Sweet & Milk” (1 Box)
  2. Marshmallow Chocolate “Milk Coffee” (1 Box)
  3. Chocolate Bar “Milk” (1 Box)
  4. Chocolate Bar “Creamy Milk” (1 Box)

Savor the luxurious blend of sweet and creamy notes in our Pure Chocolate "Sweet & Milk" and Chocolate Bars or indulge in the delightful combination of marshmallow and milk coffee flavors with our Marshmallow Chocolate "Milk Coffee". Elevate your chocolate indulgence by ordering this exclusive online collection and treat yourself to the unparalleled richness of our meticulously crafted milk chocolates.

    No modifications on the current selection.

    Exclusively available for online orders only. Each individual item is wrapped in its original packaging.

    Allergens: Milk, Soy, May Contain Tree Nuts

    Storage Temperature: 77°F Or Below for all chocolates.

    Nutrition Facts (Download Here)

    ROYCE' Chocolate - ROYCE' Milk Chocolate Selection - Image shows a collage of chocolate bars. Top from left to right: ROYCE' Pure Chocolate "Sweet & Milk" red and brown boxes with chocolate discs; and ROYCE' Marshmallow Chocolate orange box and brown chocolate-coated marshmallows. Below from left to right: ROYCE' Chocolate Milk Chocolate and brown chocolate bars; and ROYCE' Chocolate Creamy Milk Chocolate and brown chocolate bars.
    ROYCE' Milk Chocolate Selection Sale price$49.99