What Your Favorite ROYCE’ Chocolate Says About You

If there's a ROYCE' Japanese-style chocolate you're always craving, maybe the reason you're craving it has something to do with your personality! Sometimes we're drawn to our favorite things because they're a small reflection of who we are. Curious to know what your favorite ROYCE' chocolate says about you? Then read on!

Pure Chocolate

Pure Chocolate lovers have strong, confident preferences. You appreciate experiences most when others haven't over-complicated them, and you don't often engage in conflict. That isn't to say you can't handle a conflict when one arises; you just prefer to spend your time on the positives rather than exacerbate the negatives, which is why Pure Chocolate is the perfect choice for you. Smooth, creamy, melt-in-your mouth simplicity is always the best option to you!  

Nama Chocolate

If Nama Chocolate is your favorite, then you might be a little extravagant. You enjoy indulging in whatever makes you happy, since after all, life is short! A soft and affectionate person in nature, you also enjoy indulging your loved ones with the best of the best; nothing they ask is too much. While your generosity is a wonderful quality, remember not to overexert yourself, since your energy might disappear as quickly as a box of Nama Chocolates!

Potatochip Chocolate

Just like how ROYCE' Potatochip Chocolates keep the perfect balance between sweet and salty, you like to keep perfect balance in your life. You often find that among your friends and family, you're the peacemaker who tries to resolve every problem. You have a sweet side that's measured with a sarcastic sense of humor that keeps everyone coming back for more.


Those who love Prafeuille chocolates are very refined and put-together. At times, others may misinterpret you as hard-edged and rigid, but in reality you are sweet and sentimental on the inside! You only share your deepest thoughts and emotions with those who take the time to get to know you.

Bar Chocolate

Bar Chocolate fans love bar chocolate almost as much as they love making friends and meeting new people! The extrovert of the chocolate world, you enjoy socializing and spending time with large groups of friends. You are very inclusive and quick to welcome others into the fold, which is perhaps why ROYCE' Bar Chocolate varieties are your favorite; after all, chocolate bars are so easy to share!

Chocolate Wafers

You are airy and lighthearted just like your favorite Chocolate Wafers. You have a laissez-faire approach to life, willing to follow your instincts and go any way the wind blows. Laid back and relaxed, you get along with just about everyone and rarely get upset. Sometimes your head is in the clouds, but that's where all your best ideas come from!

...but I love all ROYCE' chocolates!

That just makes you a very well-rounded person! You have a few qualities from each of the above descriptions, but most of all you're a chocolate-lover with a big heart that has room for everyone.

Pick up your favorite ROYCE' luxury chocolates at a ROYCE' boutique near you or order them online today.

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