What Makes ROYCE’ Chocolate So Delicious?

We don’t think we’re exaggerating when we say that ROYCE’ Chocolate makes some of the best chocolate confections in the world. We pride ourselves on creating luxury chocolates that never compromise on taste, quality, or originality. So what exactly makes them so special and delicious? You’ll find that we put the utmost care into every step when making them from scratch.

Sustainably & Ethically Sourced

As a member of the World Cocoa Foundation, we source our cocoa sustainably and ethically. We deeply value both the environment that gives us cacao trees and the hardworking farmers and communities that care for them.

The Right Place & Right People

We are based in Hokkaido, Japan, where the cool climate and clean air are ideal for creating our confections. We also maintain the strictest hygiene standards and limit access to our production lines to only our chocolate experts, guaranteeing that you get high quality, consistent chocolates at every purchase.


Not only do we make our Japanese chocolates with excellent ingredients that are never substituted for cheaper alternatives, we are also constantly striving to create new, unique varieties. We have new offerings every season and respond quickly to your changing tastes and the changing tastes of chocolate lovers worldwide!

Down to the Last Detail

Of course, even the best chocolates in the USA and beyond can succumb to environmental factors that exist between our factory and your home, which is why we take great care with our packaging. When you receive your ROYCE’ Chocolates, we want you to feel like it’s a gift you gave to yourself. Our chocolates are packaged beautifully for a lovely presentation and also effectively to preserve its freshness and flavor integrity. When you order from us online, we use expedited shipping and pack your chocolates in an insulated container with dry ice.

In short, ROYCE’ Chocolates are so delicious because we care deeply about every detail and every part of its journey from tree to bar to you! Discover How Japan Does Chocolate by visiting a ROYCE’ Chocolate boutique near you or ordering online today.

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