Welcome to Sapporo: Home of ROYCE’ Chocolate!

Sapporo, the birthplace of ROYCE' Chocolate, is a lively and popular city to visit in Hokkaido, Japan. Ever wondered what makes ROYCE’ Chocolate the best chocolate in the USA? We owe our success in part to our roots in beautiful Sapporo. Here are 10 fun facts to show you what we mean:  

  1. Sapporo is the snowiest city in the world! It gets 20 feet of snow on average per year, 4 times more than Ottawa, Canada. Sapporo’s cool climate and clean air is part of what makes it the perfect place to craft Japanese chocolate delicacies.
  1. The first Winter Olympics in Asia was held in Sapporo in 1972. The city was a candidate for the 2016 Summer Olympics but got turned down. That didn't dampen their friendly frontier spirit, though!
  1. Sapporo is also known as the "City of Ramen" and is a great place for awesomely delicious ramen that is easy on your wallet, too.
  1. A cookie sandwich called Shiroi Koibito is made with white chocolate and two wafers. Translated as "white lover," this treat is a popular Sapporo souvenir, FYI.
  1. Sapporo is one of the easiest cities to get around. Its design is based from a compass, so you'll never get lost finding a ROYCE' Chocolate boutique!
  1. There's a tradition for couples to climb Mount Moiwa's summit, write messages on padlocks, and lock them to a rail overlooking Sapporo's breathtaking view while ringing the bell. (Have you heard of a more perfect opportunity to woo someone with a chocolate gift?)
  1. Not surprisingly, Sapporo is famous for its namesake beer and it has been the most popular Asian brand in the U.S. since 1986.
  1. Sapporo got its name from the Ainu words, "Sat-Poro-Pet," which means, "great dry river." The Ainu are an indigenous cultural people.
  1. In the summer, Sapporo transforms from snow festival to dance festival central with 30,000 dancers from Japan's universities.
  1. Way up north in Japan's Hokkaido Island, Sapporo is closer to Vladivostok, Russia than to Tokyo, Japan. In case you’re curious, yes, ROYCE’ Chocolate is also available in Russia.

Hungry for chocolate yet? Satisfy your cravings with the best delicacies ROYCE’ Chocolate has to offer!

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