The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt | Philip Smith


What's that beautiful blue egg in the window of ROYCE' Bleecker Street?


It's a creation by Philip Smith as part of The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt. The egg has been "cracked" (aka discovered) we can finally tell you more about it. We spoke with Philip on the phone for a bit and he was kind enough to share his ideas and inspiration behind this very special piece: "In every traditional culture from pagan and Judeo Christian to Buddhism, the egg is rich in symbolism.  So I approached the project with continuing that tradition and making a somewhat sacred egg. Before I began, I looked at the original Fabergé eggs and noticed that the most beautiful were either Prussian or royal blue, so at least the color referenced Fabergé. For me, the egg is a brilliantly packaged life form, filled with endless possibilities ready to emerge and engage with life’s destiny.  Pictographically, my egg considers these various narratives as Mr. Globe Head announces the egg's arrival while DNA threads itself through the mystical magic squares filled with auspicious numbers and a blindfolded man contemplates a diamond, perhaps the Diamond Sutra or just a regular off the shelf diamond from Harry Winston."


P.S. We also love that the royal blue color is right in line with the ROYCE' colors. A most happy coincidence ^_^

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