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Are you already in love with the best chocolate in the USA? Well, get ready to fall for ROYCE’ chocolates all over again with our brand new line-up of seasonal Japanese-style chocolates:

Nama Chocolate “Mojito” ($18)

Your favorite evening, back-porch drink is now infused in delectably creamy white chocolate. Enjoy sweet and velvety white chocolate with Havana Club rum, lime juice, and just a hint of refreshing mint. Available only in our boutiques or through special orders.

Macadamia Chocolate ($15)

For a satisfying snack, try our new Macadamia Chocolate, which combines the rich, buttery flavor of macadamia nuts and delicious milk chocolate. Each chocolate-covered nut is coated in a fine dusting of cocoa powder for a touch of bitterness.

Coffee Beans Chocolate ($15)

Give yourself a much-needed boost with these chocolate-covered coffee beans! Sourced from the Dominican Republic, these roasted coffee beans are of high quality and complex in flavor with full-bodied, earthy notes. Their bitterness is subdued with mild milk chocolate.

Cranberry Chocolate ($15)

Enjoy one of the most iconic flavors of fall with our Cranberry Chocolate. The sweet and tart flavor of dried cranberries is perfectly paired with a robe of yogurt-flavored chocolate.

Petit Kurumaro Chocolat ($20)

Crunchy, savory walnuts and chewy marshmallows are enrobed in thick discs of milk chocolate that make for a satisfying chocolate fix. Each box comes with five pieces and is available exclusively at our boutiques or through special orders.

ROYCE’ Origin Chocolate “Cacao 70%” ($12)

Each box of ROYCE’ Origin Chocolate “Cacao 70%” contains four varieties of chocolate made with 70% cacao. Indulge in unique, rich, bittersweet chocolate from Ecuador, Vietnam, Venezuela, and Madagascar.

Prafeuille Chocolat Orange ($18)

Bite into one of these super thin 3mm squares of milk chocolate to get to its refreshing, citrus center! Each square is filled with the perfect amount of zesty-and-sweet orange sauce.

Try them all and let us know which among them is your new favorite!

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