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Article: Sakura's Captivating Beauty Goes Beyond The Visuals

Image shows pink and white chocolate discs engraved with a flower pattern. Accents include loose flowers and a plate.
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Sakura's Captivating Beauty Goes Beyond The Visuals

Image shows pink chocolate blocks on a plate.

One of the exciting, most-awaited parts of Spring is the blooming of cherry blossom trees. After all, it's easy to fall in love with the picturesque sight of tree-lined parks with varying hues of pink flowers atop.

The cherry blossom, or Sakura, stands as Japan's national emblem of renewal and hope. Its vibrant pink blossoms signal the end of winter's chill and usher in the spring's warmth. This fleeting beauty, with its quick bloom and brief existence, serves as a poignant reminder of life's ephemeral nature, echoing a fundamental Buddhist tenet.

The cherry blossom's transient life, with petals that fall just weeks after reaching full bloom, is a metaphor for the brevity and beauty of human existence. Similarly, the petals that drift to the ground are reminiscent of the noble souls of Japanese samurais, who faced death without fear and with a spirit of sacrifice for the emperor.

Beyond its immediate beauty, the cherry blossom holds deeper meanings for the Japanese people, who contemplate these annually during the traditional hanami. Hanami, meaning "flower viewing," is a millennia-old custom where people engage in celebratory picnics beneath the blooming Sakura, enjoying food, drink, and the company of friends and family.

From a practical standpoint, the Sakura cherry blossom has also been a tangible sign of diplomacy around the world. For example, Japan planted cherry blossom trees in Washington D.C. back in 1912 as a celebration of friendship between the Japanese and American people.

Through the years, Sakura's influence extends beyond nature into Japanese culture, finding its way into music, poetry, literature, and even fashion and dining. To illustrate, ROYCE' Chocolate has Sakura-flavored limited-edition selections to let people enjoy cherry blossoms by way of the palate. Here they are:

ROYCE' Chocolate - Nama Chocolate "Sakura Fromage" - Image shows pink blocks of chocolates with accents of white flowers and brown twigs. Background is in yellow.

Nama Chocolate "Sakura Fromage"This delicacy, inspired by the cherry blossom's fleeting beauty, blends the smooth, rich taste of Nama Chocolate with the subtle, refreshing flavor of Sakura complemented with cream cheese and strawberry essence and liqueur. It offers a unique taste experience that embodies the spirit of renewal and the transience of beauty, much like the cherry blossom itself.

ROYCE' Chocolate - Sakuraberry & Sakurawhite Chocolate - Image shows pink and white chocolate discs with floral engravings. Accents include a gray plate, white flowers, pink petals, and brown twigs. Background is in pink color.
Sakuraberry & Sakurawhite Chocolate - This selection has two kinds of white chocolate discs infused with fruity and Sakura flavors. Each disc is carefully etched with a cherry blossom illustration — a testament to Japan's commitment to beauty and consistently exquisite craftsmanship.
ROYCE' Chocolate - Prafeuille Chocolat "Sakura Cube" - Image shows pink chocolate squares filled with red sauce and engraved with the words "ROYCE'". Accents include green leaves and white flowers with brown and gray stems. Background is in color yellow.

Prafeuille Chocolat "Sakura Cube" - Thin yet tasty, this confection has individually-wrapped white chocolate squares melded with the flavors of strawberries and cherries. Each square is filled with an umami-style sauce made with cherries and salt-pickled cherry blossom paste.

ROYCE' Chocolate - Chocolate Bar "Sakura Berry (Cherry & Almond)" - Image shows pink chocolate bars with dried cherries and almonds, as engraved with the word "ROYCE'". Accents include flowers in white and light pink with twigs in green and brown. Background is wood painted in white.

Chocolate Bar "Sakuraberry (Cherry & Almond) - Three words: creamy, crunchy, and chewy! This chocolate bar highlights a white chocolate base mixed with a trifecta of strawberry, cherry, and cherry blossom flavors. It is complemented with a generous serving of gooey dried cherries and crunchy almonds.


ROYCE' Chocolate's Sakura-flavored selections are exclusively available as in-store Boutique Exclusives at select ROYCE' Chocolate locations in the US.

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