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Article: Matcha Brings A Premium Touch to Green Tea Chocolates

Image shows green-colored chocolates on a plate with paper and chopsticks.
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Matcha Brings A Premium Touch to Green Tea Chocolates

Image shows green-colored chocolates on a plate with paper and chopsticks.

The concept of mixing chocolate with matcha, a revered Japanese green tea powder, might not instantly strike one as a captivating combination for sweet indulgences. Matcha is often described with words such as grassy, similar to spinach or watercress, reminiscent of seaweed that has earthy, floral, and even slightly bitter flavors. These aren't typically the first flavors that come to mind when thinking of dessert.

Yet, this duo has gained popularity in metropolitan areas like New York, Paris, and Tokyo, bringing discussions on the countless iterations on what green tea chocolates and desserts can be.

Producing matcha itself is a conscientious practice. The singular flavor and hue of matcha are the results of a meticulous growing process. The tea bushes are shaded to boost their chlorophyll and amino acid levels, which in turn gives the tea its vibrant green color and a deep, umami-rich flavor profile. 

Matcha also differs from other teas in that it is consumed whole, finely ground, and whisked with water rather than brewed, which provides a more comprehensive taste experience. Its adaptability isn't limited to beverages; it's a popular ingredient in Japanese confectionery, coloring and flavoring a range of sweets from candies to ice creams.

At ROYCE’ Chocolate, we've ventured beyond traditional pairings by blending the sweetness of white chocolate with the distinct bitterness of high-quality matcha in some of our bestselling confections. Even those who usually find white chocolate too sweet have appreciated the harmonious balance found in our matcha-infused treats made from Hokkaido, Japan.

Image shows green tea chocolate bars

The combination of matcha with white chocolate, such as in our Matcha Bar Chocolate (12 Pcs), has been a delightful surprise for many. Each box has finger-sized, individually-wrapped green tea chocolate bars with a generous serving of different crushed nuts. 

Image shows green tea chocolate squares on a plate.

On the flip side, our Prafeuille Chocolat "Matcha" wonderfully illustrates how white chocolate and matcha can achieve a perfect harmony, with the white chocolate enhancing rather than overshadowing the nuanced flavors of matcha. Each pack contains thin yet tasty green tea chocolate squares filled with bittersweet matcha sauce inside.

Image shows green tea chocolate blocks on a plate and a cup of tea on the side.

Of course, ROYCE' Chocolate is best known for our signature Nama Chocolates and this is further emphasized with our Nama Chocolate "Matcha". This bestseller features soft, velvety creamy white chocolate blocks infused with premium matcha. This brings to fore a melts-in-your-mouth tasting experience.


ROYCE' Chocolate is one of the best places to go to for anyone intrigued by the prospect of discovering their ideal matcha and chocolate pairing. Our green tea chocolates can be shopped for year-round at our US boutiques and they can also be ordered online through our official e-commerce site, roycechocolate.com.

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