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Article: Is White Chocolate Really Chocolate? The Answer is Yes

Image shows a variety of white chocolates with a blue background.
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Is White Chocolate Really Chocolate? The Answer is Yes

Image shows white chocolate blocks on blue plate.

Here's a conversation starter: Do you think White Chocolate is real Chocolate? The answer to this is debatable, depending on who you ask.

Technically, white chocolate is indeed classified as chocolate, although it differs from traditional milk and dark varieties due to its lack of cocoa solids. According to the FDA, white chocolate must contain a minimum of 20% cacao fat, or cocoa butter, and at least 14% milk solids. Therefore, given its formulation with cocoa butter derived from cocoa beans, white chocolate falls under the chocolate category.

Image shows cookies coated with white chocolate on a chopping board and glass.

When it comes to desserts, white chocolate has always been a sweet contender (pun intended) for chocolatiers to play with. At ROYCE' Chocolate, white chocolate has seen exquisite renditions in selections such as Nama Chocolate "White", Marshmallow Chocolate "White", Chocolate Wafers "Tiramisu Cream (12 Pcs)", Potatochip Chocolate "Fromage Blanc", Chocolate Bar "White", and Baton Cookies "Fromage (25 Pcs)".

The absence of cocoa solids also gives white chocolate its characteristic ivory color and gentle flavor profile. This versatile unique quality allows supplementary ingredients such as Matcha green tea to shine.

Image shows green chocolate blocks on a plate together with a cup of green tea.

This is evident in ROYCE' Chocolate's green tea chocolates, where the lightly earthy taste of Matcha is complemented with the pure sweetness and creamy texture of white chocolate. Some notable examples include the Nama Chocolate "Matcha", Chocolate Wafers "Matcha (12 Pcs)", Matcha Bar Chocolate (12 Pcs), Matcha Almond Chocolate, and Prafeuille Chocolat "Matcha".

Curious to know more? You can shop our White Chocolates and Matcha Green Tea Chocolates at ROYCE' Chocolate boutiques in the US. They are also available for online shipping through roycechocolate.com.

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