Halloween in Japan

Halloween Bag Although Halloween is a relatively new holiday in Japan, kids and adults alike are getting into the spooky celebration. [caption id="attachment_865" align="alignnone" width="300"]kawasaki Image via Rocket24 News[/caption] Like New York City’s West Village Halloween Parade, the Kawasaki Halloween Parade outside of Tokyo is a festive event thousands attend. While Trick-or-Treating is not as popular in Japan, many people enjoy dressing in costume and decorating their homes and stores. Bar and Pumpkin This Halloween, ROYCE’ Chocolate USA will be celebrating by sponsoring Dream Hotel’s Made In Italy  and French Tuesday’s Halloween party on October 30th. ROYCE' will be serving its signature Champagne and Bitter Nama Chocolates, dark chocolate covered almonds, and its infamous chocolate covered potato chips.  Tickets can be purchased online here. If you are looking for a sophisticated Halloween treat for your festivities, stop by any of our New York City retail locations for sampling and expert recommendations. Happy Halloween!

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