Gothamist Raves ROYCE' Chocolates are Rich and Delicious

Gothamist Screen Shot

After Gothamist food critic, Nell Casey, tasted our Potato Chip Chocolates, she was instantly hooked. A fan of the salty-sweet combination, she said "friends, the chocolate-covered potato chip is where it's at."

potato chip mild bitter

Highlighting our complex combination of sinfully sweet flavor with crisp salty crunch, the Gothamist feature boasts how special a creation this chocolate potato chips is. It became an office love affair when Casey shared her adoration for the chips' nuanced taste and texture.

Potato Chip Mild Bitter

In addition to our crispy Potato Chip Chocolates, Casey described our bestselling Champagne Nama as "exceedingly fine" and "creamy and sweet without being cloying."

Champagne Nama

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