Flavor Feature: ROYCE’ Potatochip Chocolate

Sweet and salty, Japanese confections and American snacks, form a harmonic union in this craveable treat. Each light and crunchy potato chip is coated on one side with a fine layer of decadent chocolate, allowing each flavor to meet your tongue in the ideal balance. At ROYCE’ Chocolate, we’ve taken a humble snack and elevated it to a luxury confection that still conjures up all the soothing feelings of an indulgent comfort food.

Potatochip Chocolate “Original”

The epitome of all that a chocolate-covered potato chip should be, the Potatochip Chocolate “Original” is a classic combination of rich milk chocolate and crunchy chips. Our first foray into chocolate-covered potato chips was so widely successful that we created several new, enticing flavors for every level of sweet tooth!

Potatochip Chocolate “Mild Bitter”

“Mild Bitter” is made with dark chocolate for less sweetness and a deeper cocoa flavor. Specially crafted for those who enjoy the darker side of chocolate, this dark chocolate-covered potato chip is a bittersweet twist on the original.

Potatochip Chocolate “Fromage Blanc”

For those who prefer the unique, vanilla-infused flavor of white chocolate, the Potatochip Chocolate “Fromage Blanc” is the perfect choice. A delicate layer of white chocolate (infused with premium Fromage Blanc cheese) gives this treat a fresh and creamy sweetness.

Potatochip Chocolate “Caramel”

The Potatochip Chocolate “Caramel” is a caramel and white chocolate infusion that brings an extra punch of syrupy sweetness to the salty crunch of the chip. Perfect if you’re craving for a sweet caramel snack with a slightly salty twist.

Try one of these delicious chocolate-covered potato chips for yourself! Or if you’re a fan of Potatochip Chocolate “Original,” consider trying a different flavor combination; you might just find a new favorite! Our Potatochip Chocolate selections are available online and in a ROYCE’ Chocolate boutique near you!

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