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Article: A Good Snacking Idea: Dried Cranberries with Milk Chocolate

Image shows chocolate-coated cranberries.

A Good Snacking Idea: Dried Cranberries with Milk Chocolate

Image shows chocolate-coated cranberries with pink background.

Cranberries are typically harvested in early fall but thanks to technology, dried cranberries can be enjoyed all year round.

What is exactly a dried cranberry? Essentially, it's a condensed by-product of fresh cranberries that went through a drying process to extend their shelf life. Common methods include sun-drying, hot-air drying, vacuum-drying, and freeze-drying.

Dried cranberries have become a ubiquitous snacking choice among us as they are also loaded with nutrients such as vitamins, fibers, minerals, and antioxidants that promote health benefits for the body such as prevention of urinary ailments and supporting our digestive system.

Image shows chocolate-coated cranberries in a bowl with pink background.

One common combination that is enjoyed by many are dried cranberries coated with milk chocolate. It's an efficient treat that also lets someone enjoy the health benefits of milk chocolate (calcium and endorphins, to start). For tasting, the tarty taste of cranberries is complemented with milk chocolate's mellow sweetness.

At ROYCE' Chocolate, our Cranberry Chocolate may just be the perfect selection for this. Each box has packets filled with chewy dried cranberries coated with yogurt-infused milk chocolate.

It's important to keep in mind though that while chocolate-coated dried cranberries have health benefits, they should still be consumed sparingly as part of a holistic, well-balanced diet.


ROYCE' Chocolate's confections are available for in-store purchase in some key locations across the US. We also ship across the continental US mainland through our main e-commerce site, roycechocolate.com. 

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