5 Occasions That Call for a Chocolate Gift

Chocolate gift boxes are usually reserved for romantic celebrations like Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, but chocolates make a great gift for any occasion and for nearly anyone, not just your significant other! A flexible, appealing gift year-round, chocolate is an especially good choice when you’re searching for a gift for any of the following scenarios:

1. Baby Shower

At a baby shower, it’s customary for guests to bring gifts and supplies for the future baby, but it’s a kind gesture to remember the expectant parents too! We guarantee they’ll be thrilled to enjoy a moment of indulgence amidst the bustle and excitement of a new baby. And don’t worry; despite the myth, pregnant women can enjoy chocolate safely.

2. Graduation

How do you let a recent grad know that even sweeter achievements are ahead of them? You give them chocolates! The last year leading up to graduation tends to busy non-stop and stressful, so a chocolate gift will remind them to take a breath and relax before they start on their next great adventure! (And for college graduates, we recommend something with a bubbly twist to really celebrate: the Nama Chocolate “Champagne”)

3. Moving In

New roommate? New neighbor? A housewarming party for a friend? Chocolate is the perfect gift, especially if the recipient already has enough furniture to last them a lifetime. A sweet treat is always a welcome break while moving.

4. A Disappointing Experience

Chocolate isn’t just for celebrating. Sometimes it’s a gift for cheering someone up or reassuring a friend that you’re there for them in their time of need. Additionally, dark chocolate can stimulate endorphins, which in turn can improve your mood!

5. Saying Congratulations

Conversely, chocolate can be a great gift for achievements big or small. Anything from a good report card to a promotion at work to an engagement deserves recognition—and edible recognition is the best kind!

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