The Quick Guide to Loving Dark Chocolate

This isn’t a guide to tasting chocolate; it’s a guide for enjoying chocolate—dark chocolate, in particular. Dark chocolate is often overlooked in favor of its sweeter relatives, milk and white chocolate, but it has its own unique charms that have little to do with sweetness. In most cases, dark chocolate isn’t a sweet treat; it’s a savory treat and should be treated like one. The following tips are for anyone who has never been a fan of dark chocolate before or for those who already love it, but want to learn how to enjoy it even more:

Tip #1: Splurge for Quality

Dark chocolate, especially cheaply manufactured dark chocolate, is at risk of being dry or chalky in texture, which ruins the experience for many people. Even dark chocolates with a high cacao percentage, such as 90% or even 100%, should still be creamy and melt in your mouth. Good quality dark chocolate will also have a much more complex flavor that doesn’t begin and end at “bitter”.

Tip #2: Pair it With Savory Foods

With its high cacao content and little sugar, dark chocolate is predominantly savory, which is why people often cook with it. It just makes sense to pair it with other savory foods! For those just learning to love dark chocolate, we recommend adding it to a cheese plate, since it pairs well with both cheeses and charcuterie.

Tip #3: Let Dark Chocolate Step In

If you find sweeter chocolates overwhelm a certain food item or drink, try swapping in dark chocolate instead. Sweet chocolates, for example, will make plain coffee taste sour by comparison, but a rich dark chocolate will complement it so that you can enjoy the flavor notes of both the chocolate and coffee.

Tip #4: Sweeten Your Own Way

If you’re not yet used to the bitter flavor of dark chocolate, then try sweetening it your own way! Try pairing the chocolate with honey or fruit preserves, or even add a drop of fruity balsamic vinegar for a sweet and acidic kick.

Truly enjoying dark chocolate always starts with quality, which is why ROYCE’ Chocolate takes great care in crafting our luxury, Japanese-style chocolates for the best chocolate-eating experience. Find a ROYCE’ Chocolate boutique near you or order online today!

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