Sweet Holidays for Chocolate-Lovers

It’s the start of a new year, which means there’s a whole year’s worth of chocolate holidays ahead of us! If you’re a chocolate fanatic looking for more reasons to celebrate this delectable, lovable sweet, mark these dates in your calendar:

January 10th: Bittersweet Chocolate Day

The start of the year is the perfect time to celebrate bittersweet chocolates, especially high cacao chocolates, since they’re a luxurious treat that won’t break your New Year’s resolutions.

Recommended celebration chocolate: Pure Chocolate “Mild Bitter” & “Extra Bitter”

February 5th: National Chocolate Fondue Day

If you’re especially fond of fondue, this is the chocolate holiday for you!

Recommended celebration chocolate: Baton Cookies “Coconut” (Ideal for dipping!)

February 25th: National Chocolate-Covered Nuts Day

Was there ever a better match than decadent chocolate and savory nuts? Not to us!

Recommended celebration chocolate: Macadamia Chocolate

May 2nd: National Truffles Day

Chocolate truffles are one of the best ways to treat yourself, so May 2nd is basically a day devoted to self-care (with chocolate)!

Recommended celebration chocolate: Petite Truffe “Orange”

July 7th: National Chocolate Day

Of course, all chocolate is worth celebrating! Take this day to expand your palette and try a type of chocolate you’ve never had before or introduce your favorite chocolate to a friend.

Recommended celebration chocolate: Nama Chocolate “Maccha”

July 28th: National Milk Chocolate Day

Milk chocolate is the most popular type of chocolate in the US, which definitely means it has earned a holiday of its own!

Recommended celebration chocolate: Nama Chocolate “Au Lait”

September 22nd: National White Chocolate Day

Milk chocolate’s sweet baby sibling white chocolate deserves some recognition too!

Recommended celebration chocolate: Potatochip Chocolate “Fromage Blanc”

November 7th: National Chocolate with Almonds Day

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: chocolate and nuts are a match made in heaven. Almonds, in particular, add something special to a bite of fine chocolate.

Recommended celebration chocolate: Chocolate Bar Almond

December 12th: National Cocoa Day

We owe so much to cocoa for bringing us the gift of chocolate. Celebrate with a chocolate that includes some of its purest form: cacao!

Recommended celebration chocolate: Nama Chocolate “Mild Cacao”

December 16th: National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day

Chocolate offers a world of variety. Read our other blog on all the surprising things you can cover in chocolate!

Recommended celebration chocolate: Potatochip Chocolate “Original”

For all of your chocolate holiday needs, discover our collection of luxury Japanese-style chocolates online or find a ROYCE’ Chocolate boutique near you!

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