Show You Care… With Chocolate!

As the season slowly shifts from summer towards fall, schedules are changing as surely as the temperatures. Kids are heading off back to school – whether that’s the first day of second grade or the beginning of their fall semester at college, teachers are heading back to the classrooms, and family vacations are winding down. These days can be bittersweet and sometimes you’re looking at saying a lengthy farewell to those loved ones you only see during the summer months or on vacations.

What’s the best way to show that you care, and the best way to send off those who mean the most to you with a token of love that they can enjoy after your parting? Give them some chocolates, of course!

With ROYCE’ Chocolate, you can provide a tangible expression of your love, gratitude, or friendship. You don’t even need to think about which delicacies to put together because we’ve done it for you! Choose from five beautiful gift sets that your loved ones can definitely enjoy.

ROYCE’ Collection “Brown” ($99)

The ROYCE’ Collection “Brown” ($99) has a wide variety of some of our most popular offerings. Celebrate the chocolate lovers in your life with this elegantly packaged gift set that has so many samplings, it just never gets boring! Available exclusively in ROYCE’ Chocolate’s boutiques.

ROYCE’ Collection “Blue” ($75)

Slightly smaller than the ROYCE’ Collection “Brown”, the ROYCE’ Collection “Blue” ($75) makes the perfect gift for anyone looking to discover how Japan does chocolate. Our high quality pure chocolate variants and the addictive crunch of our wafers and cookies can turn anyone into a ROYCE’ Chocolate fan! Available for online purchases.

ROYCE’ Variety Pack “Flavorful” ($25)

For the more adventurous sort, you can’t go wrong with our ROYCE’ Variety Pack “Flavorful” ($25). This bestselling gift set has a good bunch of surprising varieties such as “maccha” chocolates, Gianduja chocolates, and flavors like “Ghana Sweet” and “Fruity Milk.” Available for online purchases.

Maccha Box ($95)

If you know someone who loves green tea, this is the perfect gift bundle for them! Our Maccha Box contains all of our chocolates that are made with matcha, a special type of Japanese green tea. Available for online purchases.

Memories of Hokkaido ($29)

This adorable gift set has packaging inspired by ROYCE’ Chocolate’s very own hometown in  Hokkaido, Japan. This gift set makes for a great token of appreciation, and it even has some confections that are not sold separately here in the US! Available exclusively in ROYCE’ boutiques and through special orders.

This season, tell someone how much you care by showing them how Japan does chocolate, wherever you are. Our free shipping service for online orders of $99 and above (before tax) is a convenient way to send some ROYCE’ Chocolate confections to your loved ones anywhere within the continental US.

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