ROYCE' Chocolate Learns the Joy of Sake


ROYCE’ Chocolate had the honor of participating in New York City's Joy of Sake’s annual event. A non-profit organization based out of Honolulu, Hawaii, Joy of Sake’s mission is to educate the world about the beauty of sake. Like us, they believe the best way to teach is through tastings. We were delighted to be part of an event that brought together some of the best foods and drink that Japan and New York have to offer.


We watched as the event began with the traditional Kagami Biraki ceremony. The guests of honor broke apart the round lid of a large sake cask and drank from wooden cups. We learned that this symbolizes an opening of harmony and good fortune. Kanpai!


To teach New Yorkers about complexity of sake over three hundred varieties were available to taste. Featured were the Gold and Silver winning sakes from the U.S. National Sake Appraisal. What makes an award-winning sake? It has to wow judges in four categories: balance, taste, aroma and impression. Our favorite was TY KU’s coconut flavored sake, which had fruity and vanilla notes. Like our Nama chocolates, they use the freshest and most quality ingredients.


To complement the lovely sakes, we brought some of our best chocolates to sample: Caramel Potato Chip Chocolates , Maccha Almonds, Nama Chocolates, and Amande Black. Joy of Sake participants were delighted to discover the richness of our chocolates. Longtime fans were happy to see their favorite Japanese chocolates featured. Our pairing recommendation would be Nigori sake (like TY KU's Coconut) with our White Chocolate Nama. The creaminess of unfiltered Nigori perfectly harmonizes with the smoothness of the fresh Hokkaido cream in our Nama. joyofsake_royce_19sep2014-30 (1) Here, our lucky Joy of Sake contest winner won two tickets to the event along with a special ROYCE' Chocolate gift bag. But it wasn’t just drinks and chocolate available for sample, some of NYC’s finest Japanese and Japanese-inspired restaurants were serving delectable small bites. Chef Masa of 15 East served Slow Poached Octopus, raw and hand-massaged for twenty minutes. It is a melt-in-your-mouth seafood delicacy. From WD-50 to Sun Noodles, each plate added to the richness of the event.


Joy of Sake brought together sake lovers and newcomers to experience the tradition and innovation of Japanese food culture. Share your own sake and ROYCE’ chocolate pairings with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. #RoyceChocolate

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