Halloween is Extra Sweet at ROYCE’

It’s the month of Halloween, when ghosts and ghouls are coming out to play and so are new limited-edition selections from ROYCE’! These treats are almost impossibly delicious, but we promise they’re no tricks! See for yourself:

Chocolate Wafers “Pumpkin Cream” ($18)

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We put a festive spin on our traditional chocolate wafers by introducing a new flavor: “Pumpkin Cream”! Our crispy wafers are filled with pumpkin-flavored cream reminiscent of the season’s favorite pumpkin spice drink and enrobed in fine milk chocolate. Light and airy with a satisfying crunch, these chocolate wafers will disappear faster than you can say “boo”!

ROYCE’ Halloween Baton Cookies ($18)

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Our delicious coconut baton cookies are in costume and ready for Halloween! This ROYCE’ favorite sports festive packaging, making it a perfect gift for long-time or soon-to-be ROYCE’ fans. Each coconut baton cookie is baked to golden perfection, coated with milk chocolate on one side, and individually wrapped for easy sharing and snacking on the go.

ROYCE’ Halloween Bucket ($75)

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No need for trick-or-treating this year; we’ve already filled your candy bucket for you with a variety of luxury Japanese sweets! Enjoy the Chocolate Wafers “Pumpkin Cream” mixed in with exclusive ROYCE’ R Chocolat flavors such as strawberry and lemon and ROYCE’ Pure Chocolate “Sweet” and “Milk.”  

Halloween Happy Selection ($44)

This special assortment box will have you grinning like a jack-o’-lantern! Stuffed with special Halloween Cookies, two varieties of baton cookies, Fruit Bar Chocolate, two flavors of Pure Chocolate, four flavors of ROYCE’ R Chocolat including “Gianduja” and more, you’ll get a taste of everything ROYCE’!

Pumpkin Treat ($35)

Don’t let that menacing grin deceive you; this dual-faced pumpkin tin isn’t just sweet on one side— it’s sweet all the way through! Get your fix of the limited-edition ROYCE’ Halloween Cookies, R Chocolat, and Pure Chocolates in this collectable tin.

Halloween Cookies ($15)

These delicious Jack-o-lantern cookies make an appearance in the variety sets, but they’re so good that they need a box of their own! Each cookie is made with cacao-flavored dough combined with pumpkin paste and coated with mild chocolate on the bottom. Purr-fectly packaged in a playful Halloween-themed box with carrying handle, and at just $15, ROYCE’ Halloween Cookies make an incredible gift for any festive chocolate-lover!

Halloween Pure Chocolate ($19)

Indulge your inner trick-or-treater with two flavors of ROYCE’ Pure Chocolate: “sweet” and “milk.” The pure, simple flavors will have you reminiscing about Halloweens of the past, while the melt-in-your-mouth, luxury quality will make you glad you can buy your own chocolate now!

R Chocolat Halloween ($17)

ROYCE’ R Chocolat flavors come and go like ghosts, so don’t wait until this Halloween assortment disappears! Instead of just one seasonal flavor, R Chocolat Halloween contains four limited-edition flavors: “Gianduja,” “Milk Cocoa,” “Strawberry,” and “Lemon.” Try all four of these Japanese chocolate candies before they move on to new haunts!

All of our seasonal selections are available exclusively in stores and through special orders. Forget the tricks and treat yourself this year with ROYCE’, the best chocolates in the USA!

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