A Savory-Sweet Surprise: Cooking with Chocolate

Chocolate has endless variety when it comes to baking, but did you know you can also cook savory meals with it? At ROYCE’ Chocolate, we’re no stranger to combining our sweets with salty snacks and we know just how flexible chocolate can be! Try incorporating chocolate into your recipes in these creative ways:

Use Cocoa Nibs as a Spice

You can use a spice grinder (or a typical coffee grinder) to make a course ground of cocoa nibs. Ground cocoa nibs can be used in place of pepper for seasoning or anywhere you think your dish might benefit from a cocoa aroma and a hint of bitterness. Ground cocoa nibs also make for a great crust on savory, fatty meats like duck and salmon.

Add Chocolate to Sauces

Incorporating a dark, bitter chocolate into savory sauces will add a unique flavor to any dish without adding sweetness. Try whisking just a touch of melted dark chocolate into chili or sauce for a meat to give it an earthy and richer flavor.

Eat Chocolate for Breakfast

Let a little bit of chocolate join you at the breakfast table! Of course there are chocolate chip muffins and pancakes, but you can also consider mixing in chocolate with your oatmeal or making a banana-chocolate panini with sourdough, sliced bananas, and mild milk chocolate.

Lighten Salty Foods with Chocolate

As we already mentioned, chocolate pairs especially well with salty foods, but its sweetness can also help balance overly salty ingredients in dishes. You can find great examples of this cooking tip in a few winning combinations: baked brie stuffed with chocolate, chocolate hummus, and miso-chocolate sauce.

Every delicious dish starts with high quality ingredients, and cooking with chocolate should be no exception. For top-tier chocolate with top-tier taste, try ROYCE’ Chocolate’s Pure Chocolate selections. Experiment with ROYCE’ Chocolate in the kitchen or enjoy it as the perfect end to a great meal!

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